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There are many of us out there. We wear everyday clothes, pick up our kids on time and even join in at the PTA from time to time. What you don’t know about us is that we have a salsa addiction… so when a new brand of salsa comes out this household of salsa lovers is all over it. So when the Gourmet Trading Co. contacted me hoping that I had the time to try out some of their Desert Pepper Salsas I couldn’t wait to oblige.

Desert Pepper Salsas are the best addition for your Mexican cooking stash as they have so many different options making them perfect for a number of different dishes you could want to create in the kitchen. Being on the border of Texas, Mexico and New Mexico they create this fresh brightly flavored salsas that you will love to share with a crowd or add to your favorite meals. All of which tasted great when we were testing them with our Xochitl chips!

Roasted Tomato Chipotle Corn Salsa

This salsa is the most mild of all the ones we tried making it my hubby’s favorite for everyday use. This salsa you could with all day with its super sweet and fresh tomato flavor. It does say “medium hot” but as a family we found this one to be the mildest for traditional heat – so if you have heat sensitive salsa lovers in your house then this is going to be your perfect choice out of the selection we tried, especially for family nacho night!

Gourmet Trading Co.

Peach Mango Salsa

Now if you want no heat and some sweetness in your salsa then this is the one for you. This salsa is something else with its chunks of mango and peach you will love its chutney like flavors. It would be a great choice if you were wanting to create a mexican/indian infusion dish, or even as a great marinate base for kebabs this Summer. The possibilities are endless for this salsa and I can’t wait to create something fun with it in the not to distant future.

Salsa Diablo

Just as the name would suggest this was the hottest of all the salsas we had the pleasure of trying making this one, one of my favorites. The heat is a beautiful balance to the fresh tasting tomato and it leaves you with a little kick in your throat as an after taste. This is a great salsa and would be awesome for taco night at home, a layered dip you need a spicy layer for or everyday salsa if you love a little heat. Adding a little of this on the top of some devilish deviled eggs could really add something special.

Gourmet Trading Co.

Tequila Salsa

This is a great, chunky medium heat salsa that is filled with lots of herb flavors. It is a really dynamic and well thought out salsa with all those flavors married together magically. This would make the perfect addition to any Mexican dish and should honestly be a staple in every home. The versatility of this salsa blows my mind, even making a great base for a spicy pasta sauce that I can’t wait to share with you. This salsa is a MUST have.

Black Bean Dip

No Mexican meal should be eaten without a little black bean dip and this dip is ideal for a number of things. It is perfect for dipping but this is a great dip that you can heat up a bit making it a great idea for burrito wraps. In fact I have a recipe coming for a breakfast burrito you can make a head of time and freeze – ready to reheat on your busy mornings for breakfast. This is also a great idea if you need a quick black bean layer to a seven layer dip and you want to blow peoples minds.

Gourmet Trading Co.

Each of these salsas and dips are great on their own but so many of them could be utilized in fun and dynamic ways in the kitchen. Another bonus is that each and every single one of these salsas is fat free and gluten free making perfect for those with some dietary restrictions. Being family owned since 1982 you know this company has quality, taste and love in mind which is why they are one of the top brands in the United States. All natural and no preservatives makes us moms happy so you can feel good about not just eating them, but feeding them to your families as well.

Head to Gourmet Trading Co. to Desert Pepper Salsas and more amazing products to enjoy!

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