Cinderella recently explored the enchanting world of “Cinderella’s Midnight Ball,” a cooperative game that seamlessly weaves the classic fairytale into a captivating board game experience. Developed by FoxMind Games as part of the Granna Fairytale series, this tile-laying board game is designed for 1-4 players, ages 4 and up, promising 20 minutes of delightful gameplay.

Capturing the Essence of Cinderella

The game beautifully encapsulates the essence of Cinderella’s story. As players take on the roles of fairies, they embark on a mission to help Cinderella prepare for the grand ball. The objective is to find or enchant all 12 base items scattered across the interactive 3D game board before the clock strikes midnight. The cooperative gameplay adds a layer of excitement as players work together to make Cinderella’s dream come true.


Simple Mechanics, Endless Fun

The game’s mechanics are simple yet engaging. Players roll a custom die, declare two of the 12 items, and unveil corresponding tiles on the table. The clock is ticking, and if the items aren’t found before midnight, the game is lost. This straightforward approach makes it accessible for young players while providing enough depth to keep the entire family entertained.

Environmentally Friendly and Educational

“Cinderella’s Midnight Ball” stands out not only for its captivating gameplay but also for its commitment to sustainability. Crafted from 100% recyclable materials with no plastic components, the game offers an eco-friendly option for families. Beyond entertainment, the game encourages the development of memory and observation skills, making it a valuable addition to any child’s playtime.


Innovative Components and Table Presence

The game’s contents, including a 3D clock board and Cinderella figurine, contribute to its impressive table presence. The recyclable cardboard pieces are durable and tactile, providing a visually engaging and environmentally conscious gaming experience.


Quick, Cooperative, and Kid-Friendly

With a quick 20-minute playing time, “Cinderella” is ideal for families with young children. The cooperative nature fosters social interaction and teamwork, making it an excellent choice for family game nights.

“Cinderella” successfully transforms a beloved fairytale into an interactive and environmentally conscious board game that you are going to be impressed with as much as I was. Maybe I am biased cause I love classic fairy tales but this game is a keeper regardless of age. FoxMind Games has created a magical experience that not only entertains but also promotes positive values and essential cognitive skills. Add a touch of enchantment to your family game night with this delightful choice.

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