Burger Party Game

Camping season is finally here for many families here in Canada and that means there are quite a few of you looking for new ways to keep you and your little ones entertained. And guess what? Goliath Games has come out with the perfect camping game: Burger Party. Burger Party Game is Perfect for Camping Season.

Nothing pairs better with camping than burgers and this game is deliciously fun! BONUS it is also nice and compact making it the perfect little travel companion taking up very little space in your camping setup. It is all contained within its very own squeaky burger container making it my favorite game box yet.

Burger Party Game

Goliath Games has done it again with this game and I think it will be the perfect addition to anyone’s game collection. We have been loving this fast-paced, burger-building card game!

Quickly slap the toy burger whenever you see matching cards to claim your ingredients, of course watch out – they can be revealed when you least expect it! Snatch a special card to use against your friends. Toss in some strategy and a little luck, and you’ll build a burger that’s well done for the win!

Burger Party Game

Who is Burger Party Good For?

Burger Party is great for the whole family, can be played by anyone over the age of 6 and can be played with up to 6 people! It is great for keeping everyone entertained and giggling together over the fire, at home or in the tent while camping!

Burger Party game is perfect for camping season and you can find it in stores at WalMart or even online on Amazon!

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