Bridgerton Inspired Sex Positions

Many of us enjoyed and loved both the first and second spicy seasons of Bridgerton this month and many of us are watching it all over again. Even though this second season isn’t as X-rated it is filled with romantic anticipation that lasts a lifetime. I adored it and I couldn’t be happier to be bringing to you some tips from sexual wellness brand LELO, and UK’s sex expert; Kate Moyle, is sharing three Bridgerton inspired sex positions that can help viewers re-create some of that Bridgerton magic in real life. Since we are all about encouraging you to always have a great time in bed.

1. I Burn For You 

This is Daphne’s famous line to Simon before he replies, “I want to show you more” in one of  the show’s most notable sex scenes. On the theme of building desire and arousal, this position is about building anticipation, tease and tension all which contribute to preparing you emotionally and physically for sex.  

Either sit or lie facing one another and make a mutual agreement to avoid touching the parts of the body that are normally associated with sex, such as the genitals, breasts and bum. You can set a timer or an alarm clock for 20 minutes, and spend that time touching, kissing, teasing all over the rest of the body and then when the timer goes off that’s your permission to include all body parts. This is a great move for mixing up routines and slowing things down, as so often in our modern busy lives we are always rushing things and the extended  foreplay and build up is a great pleasure enhancer.  

Bridgerton inspired sex positions

2. The Chaise Longue 

A classic Regency-era furniture favourite. To replicate the shape one partner lies on their side propped up on their elbow, the other then lies in front of them in a spooning-style position. This can be a slow and sensual position which also offers up a lot of added opportunity for kissing down the neck which can be a real erogenous zone for lots of people.

3. Old Fashioned Romance 

For connection and intimacy with lots of eye contact, this is a great position for mutual pleasure with more of a grinding than a thrusting motion. Both partners are in the same position mirroring each other, so sitting with legs bent leaning back on your arms (imagine an M shape), you then move together and one of you will put your legs over the others to allow you to move against each other. Every couple will have to adjust this until you find the  position that works best and most comfortably for you.  

LELO’s CMO Luka Matutinović comments: “Here at LELO we are thrilled to see popular TV  shows, such as Bridgerton, open a dialogue for the topic of sex and pleasure on screen. We  encourage people to explore the realms of sexual wellness, so whether you are looking for  inspiration or new things to try, we hope that these sex positions help you to spark some  passion for your next sexual adventure.”  

Sensuality, curiosity and communication are key ingredients of sexual experiences, which allow you to connect, explore and enjoy. Trying new things and exploring new positions is a great way of breaking  away from routine, and builds up anticipation which is the most natural aphrodisiac we have and encourages both arousal and desire.

So the next time you are watching and wishing and waiting for your own Bridgerton moment, remember me and know that you can make that happen!

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