Beyond King Tut

Beyond King Tut has finally arrived in Vancouver and has been enjoying its first successful week here in the city and boy is it something! I haven’t been to something so cool in a long time and unlike other immersive experiences Beyond King Tut has multiple rooms to explore and learn in.

Open now until January 08, 2023 you can immerse yourself into the world of ancient Egypt – exploring the life of the most famous “boy King”. You will see how they discovered his tomb, the artifacts that were kept with him, what we learned from uncovering his tomb, and so much more about the afterlife. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly experience the ancient tombs of this incredible time.

Beyond King Tut

Don’t miss your chance to experience the award-winning virtual reality experience: “Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb” that is featured as an optional add-on experience alongside Beyond King Tut. The groundbreaking experience, created by immersive cinematic storytelling company CityLights and voiced by acclaimed English actor Hugh Bonneville, whisks guests through a photorealistic version of King Tut’s tomb and all its treasures, just as archaeologist Howard Carter and his financier Lord Carnarvon discovered it when they first peered inside in 1922. Something that any budding archeologist would want to experience first hand.

Beyond King Tut by National Geographic will transport viewers on a time-traveling trip filled with sight, sound, and intrigue through the realm of King Tut—the boy who reigned as Egypt’s pharaoh more than 3,000 years ago—and the discovery of his tomb and treasures in 1922. The discovery of King Tut’s intact tomb caught the world’s curiosity, and the mystery surrounding the tomb continue to resonate today. The exhibition, which draws from the National Geographic Society’s storied archives, combines the power of cinematic storytelling with soaring images made possible by state-of-the-art projection mapping to immerse viewers in the golden king’s world like never before.

If you want to get yourself tickets make sure to get them FAST because this is going to sell out fast. With room after room of things to see and do you’ll have hours of things to look at and experience. Do not miss this opportunity.

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