Veronica Taylor

My job gives me many amazing opportunities and being able to interview celebrities from time to time is one of them. When I get the chance to share these incredible opportunities with my family I am even more thrilled about the experience. Which is why this year at Fan Expo Vancouver I was over the moon excited about my youngest son getting the chance to interview Veronica Taylor. He was so nervous and so excited to be getting the chance to meet the real Ash Ketchum and then ask her some of his pressing questions.

Thankfully Veronica was so understanding and sweet to him, she put him right as ease making it easy for him to talk to her about Pokémon. Below I have the unedited audio (skip ahead to 1:35) from the interview which includes and extra special shout out from Ash himself right at the end (3:03 minute mark)!

Q: What is your favorite Pokémon? 

A: My favorite Pokémon is Pikachu, I spent a lot of time with Pikachu (youngest interrupts her here to gush how that’s his favorite too)… is it?! That’s a nice coincidence!

Q: Why did you want to become a voice actor?

A: Well when I was 5 I decided that I wanted to be an actor, so I was in all my school plays and then I went to university also went to graduate school for acting and I toured the united states with a couple of acting companies. I just always wanted to be an actor. Then when I moved to New York City I started getting jobs that were cartoons or audiobooks – things like that so my career took a turn to just audio rather than on screen and stuff.

Q: What’s your favorite episode?

A: My favorite episode of Pokémon? (youngest nods) The first episode, I like the part where Ash gets up late out of bed and he’s running to get to Professor Oak’s to pick out his Pokémon.

Veronica then takes a moment to pull out Ash and give my youngest a special surprise that you can hear at 3:03 minutes in the above audio clip! It was so special and he was completely blown away, he walked away talking about how he was going to be a voice actor one day too.

I can’t thank the Fan Expo Vancouver team enough for giving me and my youngest a chance to interview Veronica Taylor – and another HUGE thank you to her for making this such a special moment for him.

What would your kid have asked her if given the chance??

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