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Calling all knowledge seekers, deep thinkers, and adventure enthusiasts! Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that will challenge your assumptions, tickle your funny bone, and ignite your imagination. Brace yourselves for After Dark at Science World, where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary and the rules of engagement are flipped on their heads.

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, Science World invites you to indulge in an evening of curiosity-driven entertainment like never before. This time, we’re shaking things up with Freestyle Socials, a captivating conversation game designed by the brilliant minds at Science Everywhere. Get ready to question, discuss, and maybe even debate your way through an evening of interactive fun!

Imagine strolling through the iconic Science World dome, surrounded by friends and intriguing discussions that will challenge your way of thinking. Freestyle Socials presents you with thought-provoking, hilarious, and timely questions that will make you ponder the possibilities. Would you dare let a radioactive spider sink its fangs into your skin for a 70% chance of gaining Spider-Man’s powers? Can technology truly save our planet from the perils of climate change? These are just a taste of the captivating queries that await you!

Here’s how it works: Engage in friendly banter as you pick a side of the two-sided questions. Delve into ridiculous reasons why you should switch your stance, and be prepared to switch if you find yourself surprised or chuckling uncontrollably. Freestyle Socials is all about embracing the unexpected and keeping the conversation lively!

Photo credit: Jackie Dives Science World
Photo credit: Jackie Dives

Science World After Dark is the chance for adults aged 19 and above to reclaim the dome and explore its wonders at their own pace. As you embark on this extraordinary journey, you’ll have the opportunity to roam the exhibits and galleries, soak in the immersive atmosphere, and enjoy tantalizing drinks, delectable food, and captivating music. It’s a night out like no other, where the boundaries of knowledge and entertainment are pushed to the limits.

So, mark your calendars and gather your curious crew because After Dark at Science World awaits you on Thursday, June 15, from 6 to 10 pm. Step out of the ordinary and immerse yourself in an evening of interactive engagement, laughter, and mind-bending conversations. Get ready to explore Science World like never before, and let the Freestyle Socials challenge your perspectives in the most delightful way!

Tickets are limited, so secure your spot now for an unforgettable night of intellectual playfulness. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unleash your curiosity and celebrate the wonders of science and human ingenuity in the most entertaining way possible. After Dark at Science World is waiting to take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget!

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