Turkish Food

Ever since traveling to Greece I have had an obsession with their amazing cuisine. I was floored by the amazing quality in their produce and ingredients – something that I have yet to find at the same caliber here in Canada. They have this magical way of combining all these amazing flavors that I can’t get enough of. So when I got the chance at taking a look at this amazing cookbook:  Adventures in Turkish Food – Anatolia by Somer Sivrioglu and David Dale.

Having been a big fan of Somer Sivrioglu I was super excited to get the chance to get this book in the kitchen to help me create amazing dishes that will bring Greece and Turkey into my home. Not only does this book teach you about how to cook some amazing Turkish food it is also filled with some amazing history lessons. You can learn and understand how so many cultures came together to create such incredible dishes.

Turkish Food

Anatolia is quickly becoming one of my favorite cookbooks and I know anyone in your life that loves to cook will love learning from these two amazing chefs and food lovers. Not only will they learn something but they will cook some incredible meals together.

Several of the recipes that I have enjoyed have made my soul so happy – this food just makes you feel good all the way around. Making it with love and learning about this amazing cuisine, then being able to eat it in all its glory: its an experience believe you me.

Turkish Food

What recipes did I love most?

I have to admit that I loved a lot of them, have yet to try them all, but the ones that I have tried and LOVED are as follows:

Labine – Minted Yogurt Balls
Sigara Boregi – Rolled Pastry Cigars with Feta and Parsley
Astali Sutlac – Saffron Layered Rice Pudding
Cartlak Kebabi – Liver Kebaps (granted I didn’t use liver for mine)

Things that I want to try but haven’t had a chance yet:

Katmer – Pistachio Pancakes with Clotted Cream
Cil Bir – Poached Eggs in Garlic Yogurt and Paprika
Kaygana – Cretan Eggs with Wild Weeds
Samsun Pide – Pide with Four Cheeses
Cickolatali Hurma – Chocolate Dates

There are millions of more recipes in this book that will blow your mind and any guests lucky enough to be over for dinner when you make one of them. You can even learn the entire history of Baklava over centuries. This book has it all if you have a great hobby chef or real chef on your list.

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