About Mumfection

I am Eschelle, the mother of Mumfection.com, as well as mom to two wonderfully wild boys who love to keep me on my toes.  We have loved watching them grow and they are often working behind the scenes here at mumfection testing things out and being apart of events.

Having started off as a family while I was only 19, my hubby and I have been together through it all. We’ve grown up together and are always learning, changing and creating here at our house. Growing up with a unique relationship with brands my kids are amazing testers – telling it like it is and never shying from giving their two cents. I think that is something they definitely get from their mother.

We are happy to attend events in and around Vancouver with a focus on gaming, healthy living and green conscious companies.

My Family Fun Facts!

~ My Boys are 15 and 13; my oldest is homeschooled and my youngest is back in public school so we like to do things a little untraditionally.

~ Currently living in the beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C. where we have grown up our whole lives – always looking for partnerships for trip planning in and around the city. We adore exploring old and new places within our city to share with families living or visiting our area – especially if we can focus on “car-free” travel.

~ We are a family of gamer nerds who love a wide range of genres from horror to Disney. We’ve even been lucky enough to get opportunities to interview multiple celebrities!

~ With no food allergies, just a couple picky eaters, we are also ideal for testing out new foods and attending food focused events. As a family we love to focus on great tasting healthy items whenever possible, added focus on North American brands.

~ Trying new things is always something we love to do, and we when we get to try them together it is a big bonus so please hit our HIRE ME page to find out more about how we can collaborate!

About Mumfection

What is “Mumfection”?

In creating the term “Mumfection” I wanted moms to know and remember we’re only human, we can’t always be completely perfect. We are not Mary Poppins, we are our unique selves, with out own parenting styles. We create a perfection that works for us:

Mumfection: a mum’s form of perfection…

How can Mumfection.com help you?

~ We love to do product reviews, just email me
~ Have an event here in Vancouver?  We would be happy to attend and promote it!
~ Need promotional or marketing help, just email me and we can work together!
~ Twitter party help? I can do that too! (find more here)

Welcome to Mumfection

The Mother I Strive To Be

Conferences I Have Worked On:
Northern Voice 2012 (Speaker)
Connecting Bloggers and Brands Vancouver 2013 (Ambassador & Speaker)
Northern Voice 2013 (Speaker)
Parent Bloggers Unite (Founder/Speaker/Host)
Digitally Yours – Monthly (Founder/Speaker/Host)
Wecapella Vol. 1 2014 (Team Member)